Nothing could be more fun for a child than painting with friends on their birthday.
At Paint and Party as the birthday child can select several paintings from our extensive catalog of original art which includes dogs, cats, fish, horses, peacocks, penguins and other neat things like flowers, mountains, beaches, surfboards and planets. Then the guests can pick which of the featured paintings they want to paint. Or, we can help them make something based on their own imagination.

All materials are provided including canvas, paint, brushes, stencils, and an apron to wear.  A professional artist will be on hand to give guidance to each party painter.
Bring your own snacks, beverages, cake, ice cream, etc. You can decorate our Party Room to suit the favorite color of the birthday person or to fit the theme of the party. Also, you can use our sound system to play music of your choice. Plus, we do all the clean up.

The cost for a Birthday Party at Paint and Party is only $20 per painter under 17.
A little music, a little paint, some good food and a whole lot of laughs make for a great time as the kids  create their own masterpieces in the comfort of the Paint and Party studio.

To make reservations call  Catrina at 725-208-9312

or email us at